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It’s about the people…It’s about the airplane.


        The NavionX organization is designed to serve owner-operators and enthusiasts alike.

        NavionX will share information through a distinct arms length relationship with the Type Certificate holder.

        The goal is to provide two-way communication, assist with distribution of accurate information, improve understanding and advance the knowledge pertaining to all Navion Aircraft.

        Member elected Board of Directors.

        The only Type Group sanctioned by the Navion Factory.

        Complete transparency of the NavionX organization financial information.


I soloed in Navion Rangemaster N2434T on my 16th birthday at the Long Beach, CA airport, Aug 6, 1962 (the day after Marylin Monroe died). On my 17th birthday, my dad purchased N2457T (a bright yellow Rangemaster), and I became the family pilot. My instructor was Andy Adams (a direct descendant of John Adams and John Quincy Adams).  He also flew for Flying Tigers (Super-Connies).
I later went on to instruct (age 18) and fly for United (age 22).
Still flying (next year is my 50th year), currently operating Memley Aviation in Fresno, CA. 


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